Pumpkin Tea

Do I have any pumpkin spice latte fanatics out there? I’m a pumpkin freak, and I am well-aware it is the least original thing out there. Noah’s started serving their pumpkin bagels and pumpkin shmear on september 1st, and you better believe I got that exact combination.

I have also had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. However, I remember this from last year, but they tend to make me feel sick. I may have seen the end of my pumpkin spice latte days… Have no fear, I found a replacement!

 Photo (1)

Trader Joe’s carries a pumpkin spice rooibos tea, I am drinking it right now, it is delicious. Maybe get crazy and stir it with a cinnamon stick, if you’re feeling inspired. Trader Joe’s is carrying all sorts of pumpkin treats, but the only one I can vouch for at this moment is the rooibos tea.

Go check it out!



Greg and I took the traditional route of leaving for our honeymoon the day after the wedding! I totally recommend it, although it takes some planning and packing ahead of time. I’ll be honest with you, the clothes I had in a bag to wear on the plane got left behind at the venue… but everything worked out great and it was invigorating to get the heck out of dogde!

We traveled to Croatia and if the following photos and stories don’t convince you to go, I’m not sure you’d be happy anywhere…

The first few nights we stayed outside the city of Split. It was a quiet town, and seemed to be the place for European families to vacation and enjoy the resort-like pools. Here we enjoyed morning walks along the beach, and our favorite restaurant while we were in Split- ArkadaIMG_4714IMG_4727 (1)

The City of Split was established by the Roman Emperor Diocletian as his retirement home in 305 A.D. The center of the city is the Diocletian Palace, where residents still reside. Split is the 2nd largest city in Croatia with a whopping 178,000 residents (teeny tiny). This is by far one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. The history, the wine, the cuisine, and the skyline were my favorite things about this city. IMG_4815 (1)IMG_4760IMG_4759 (1) Krka Falls is about an hour drive outside the city and unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a national park and has planked walkways through the falls allowing visitors to walk through hundreds of waterfalls. The planks take you to the grand finale water fall pictured below. You can see during this season the falls were low enough that visitors could take a swim!

IMG_4749 (2)

We took a speed boat to the island of Hvar after four nights in Split. If you end up traveling to Croatia and only have time for one city I would advise Hvar. It covers just about everything someone would want. Mediterranean waters, historic fortresses, darling shops and restaurants, and a marina that harbors some of the largest yachts in the world! Hvar also has a nightlife that can compete with your wildest college frat bro.

IMG_4866 (1)Croatia is known for their rocky beaches. In the image below you can pay for a sun bed and have direct access to the sea from the edge of the rocks. Just jump in and find a ladder, or stairs in the rocks to get back to your bed. IMG_4821 (1)This photo is taken on a hike to the fortress that protected the Island of Hvar. You can see the yachts I mentioned early. The large yacht is about 200 feet long and had a helicopter pad… You can also see some of the many islands across the way, Croatia has over 1000 islands on its coast!IMG_4883 (1)I had to stop for some yoga on the hike 😉IMG_4775

Our last stop was in Dubrovnik, a city with only 30,000 residents but the most sought after city for tourists form all over the world. This city is most famous for the location due to filming Game of Thrones. The city is busting at the seams with tourists, so be wary! IMG_4995Our favorite day of the trip was in Dubrovnik. We took a private boat out and toured many of the coves hidden away in the islands. We went snorkeling and diving into the caves. The water is so clear, and so warm you can’t help but be swept away.

Long story short… go to Croatia,


I’m Back!

2015 has been the busiest summer of my life! Just today I was talking about how it has also been the BEST of my life. Reason 1 being that I got married to the best husband I could ever ask for. Reason 2 being that our honeymoon was certifiably perfect. Reason 3 is that four of my best friends got married this summer and we have spent so much quality time together celebrating love in every way.

We got married at the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon, California. The weekend was full of laughs and hugs from all of our closest friends and family, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Here are a few photos that highlight the weekend!

0214-Lauren_Greg0314-Lauren_Greg0339-Lauren_Greg 0349-Lauren_Greg0101-Lauren_Greg
0561-Lauren_Greg0526-Lauren_Greg  0888-Lauren_Greg 1013-Lauren_Greg0995-Lauren_Greg0975-Lauren_Greg
   0283-Lauren_GregThanks to everyone who made this day possible; my mom and mother-in-law being two of them!

Photography by Jay C. Winter

Flowers by Lyal Nickals

Hair and Makeup by Brianne Sparks

Signage by Keifers Tavern

Cake by Cafe Attila and CupKate Bakery

Tux Rentals by theblacktux.com

Band by Lucky Devils Band

Until next time,


Lo Knows Lu- Father’s Day

I’m late! I apologize, I missed my Wednesday Lo Knows Lu… and I’m late on posts for the whole week. It’s been a busy time. I became an aunt this weekend! I’m totally smitten by her. She is the smallest human I have ever held, and she’s beautiful.

Among other things, my wedding is quickly approaching!

Without further ado- FATHER’S DAY! Men need lululemon just as much as women, and their products are just as fantastic for men as they are for the ladies. Only draw-back is that they have about 2/3 less product than the ladies do. Here are a few pieces your dad will be happy to accept on his big day THIS Sunday.

The Kahuna Short:

LM7744S_018056_1This is my favorite item to buy for the man who doesn’t own any lululemon. It’s a great transitional piece because its what they call “to and from”. You can wear this short on the golf course, out to lunch, or on a walk with your lady friend and your dog. Once he feels the quality of the fabric, and the great silhouette, he won’t be able to resist the urge to buy more pieces.

The Pace Breaker Short:


My second favorite piece for the men in my life- lulu fans or not. This is the bread and butter men’s piece. They have their famous boxer brief lined inside this short, they are a great length, the best stretch and moisture wicking fabric. This is for the active dad who loves to walk, run, go to the gym- or just enjoys comfortable workout shorts

The Evolution Polo:


For the “Golf Dad” – This polo is made with their anti-stink silverescent fabric, we know Dad’s need that. Stretch fabric, chafe resistant seams- they like that. The Propel Polo is a keeper too!

Seat to Sky Jersey:


The “Cycle Dad” -This jersey is perfect for Dad’s long rides on the weekend. Extra lycra fiber for stretch and retention (meaning it wont stretch out!) zipper pockets, open back pockets, and reflective details. They checked all the boxes for Dad’s go-to shirt. This will surely make his Father’s day!

Not to mention their cotton shirts are great- the 5 year basics! If your dad is a gym rat, have a look at the Metal Vent Tech line, those are sure winners, made from the anti-stink silverescent fabric!

Happy early Father’s Day,


*all photos from lululemon.com

links that move me

im-in-a-glass-case-of-emotion-1It’s Thursday. I feel like a mixed bag of emotions. One being that I’m shocked this week is moving this quickly. Another being that I am really excited for the weekend. Another being- COME ON WARRIORS!!! There are more feelings… here are a few links that touch on some.

  1. Feeling like I could cry from the sentiments and the cuteness. Also realizing that I didn’t think it was possible to want a dog any more, but I just reached another level: Denali
  2. Feeling motivated to cook an amazing dinner
  3. Feeling like my closet is too full… again
  4. Feeling in the mood to DIY
  5. Feeling like a good laugh

Happy Exploring,


Apple strikes again


Apple is bringing us a music streaming device, Apple Music, and once again will probably have us all wrapped around their finger. It’s discussed as encapsulating all of the things we love in all of the other music streaming apps:

  1. $10 a month streaming subscription-Spotify
  2. Shuffle radio station- Pandora
  3. Content upload capabilities- Soundcloud

Now, to cause some unnerving suspense and anticipation they aren’t releasing it until June 30. Of. Course. I am excited to try it, but must admit I am hesitant to lose all of my playlists that I have created, and the familiarity that I have with Spotify and their software.

How do you think Apple music will do? How will Spotify have to change in order to keep up? Will you leave Spotify, or soundcloud, or Pandora for Apple?

Happy dancing,


Lo Knows Lu: Fabric

In case you have been dying from the anticipation of the last lulu post all of two weeks ago now… never mind; I know you forgot. I left a little teaser that I would talk about fabric next time. So here it is!

Like I said before, I could talk about their fabric for hours. I’m going to quickly go over their basic fabrics and then focus in on some of the specialty fabrics. Have you ever tried to read their hang tags and you find yourself saying “What?” with your head cocked to the side and a stitch in your eyebrow? I know… I did to.

Fabric Dictionary:

LUON: This is the fabric that holds lululemon together. It was the first synthetic fabric that separated itself from cotton. Its ‘moisture wicking’ which mean that is takes the sweat from your body, and then dries really quickly! Luon is NOT “inherently” wicking… talk more about that later. Luon is 4 way stretch (meaning stretches every direction you pull it) and feels tight against your skin, but not compression

You’ll find this in tanks, pants, jackets, pullovers, bras- men and women

Activity: Yoga


LUXTREME: Another lululemon core fabric. This fabric is inherently moisture wicking. This means the fabric is (for lack of a better term) genetically made to always wick moisture, always dry quickly. LUON on the other hand is not genetically made to do this. They add it to the fabric, technically its wicking properties could wash out after some serious years of usage. Luxtreme feels silky to the touch, and much thinner than the cottony feel of luon. It is also 4 way stretch, and hugs the skin tightly- although again I would not consider it to be a compression fabric

You’ll find this in tanks, pants, pullovers, bras- men and women

Activity: Great for run, but also good for yoga


Now I’ll talk about 3 other fabrics that are a little more obscure- but are still found in a lot of lululemon products.

FullSizeRender (12)

Silverescent Family: The purple top above is the Swiftly Long Sleeve which is a seamless, silverescent fabric. This fabric is ultra light weight, and has a slight stretch. It has silver sewn into the fabric which inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. Crazy right! This fabric is extremely delicate and prone to snags, but if you’re handy with a needle you can always pull the snag to the underside of the garment- good as new.

You’ll find this in: mostly tops and the Swiftly family. HOWEVER their are seasonal items that carry silverescent as well! Be sure to check hang tags because sometimes their socks, and wunder unders, and other products feature thess amazing odor-limiting threads

Swiftly Short Sleeve

Seamless Fabric: I wish they had a better name for this fabric. The grey pants above are the “Ebb and Flow Crop” there is a whole family that still uses the ‘ebb’ root in the name. Currently the ‘ebb to street’ is in stores. I love this fabric. It’s practically seamless… although not entirely. I guess they are lying a little bit.  It is thick, and also prone to snags, but has immense stretching capabilities and feels amazing on your skin. The waistline has no seams which is probably my favorite feature. No pockets… not a single one. That is my biggest draw to this fabric. I guess another draw-back is they do not pass the ‘bend over’ test. They are SHEER. SO Sheer. Not sure why, because the fabric is thick and amazing. Try them on, then decide if you really care.

You’ll find this: bras, tops, pants- Women

Ebb to Street Pant

Rulu or Running Luon:  Think of it as luon’s winter cousin. This fabric is thicker and softer than luon. It feels like that plant called “lamb’s ear”- so  s o f t ! They use this fabric in a lot of long sleeve tops and pants for running garments in the winter because of its great moisture wicking properties, and because of its warmth. I love this fabric for morning runs, and to feel extra cozy in their scarves. It’s my favorite fabric to wear skiing as a base layer.

You’ll find this in: tops, pullovers, pants, scarves- Men and Women

Vinyasa Scarf Rulu*

Go check out what’s new they have some great swimwear out today!